ACdO Lámpara Cornucopia


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Diseño de Álvaro Catalán de Ocón

Cornucopia is the Spanish word to describe a typical wall mirror used in baroque times that reflected the light of a candle magnifying it ́s brightness. Our lives and our daily rituals radically changed when 150 years ago the candle was replaced by the Edison light bulb.

Now that the iconic Edison lamp is ceding it ́s place to new and more ecological technologies we have chosen to use a low voltage version of this mass-produced masterpiece that consumes very little energy and therefore is still in norm and commercialized.

In the same way as the candle was once replaced by the Edison lamp (loosing its functional sense but still being used for special occasions), we have looked to give a second life to the Edison Light bulb recalling the physical gesture and ritual that for centuries the candle has required in order to be litten up.

The Cornucopia lamp is made in signed editions of 100 pieces. As with books, once the present edition is finished we start with the next.

W: 11cm.
M: 12cm.
Cable: 150 cm.
Detalles técnicos
Input 220V – Output 12V
Bulb: 24V – 25W (included)
Steel, brass, rubber and glass.


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